Then I Remember You

from by Peter J. Brant



Though I wish there were some sign to show when someone
really does love you
There’s never been, Nor never will be such luck.
There’s never been a sign of such grace.

And so we drown into a life just wandering aimless ‘til we’re dry
from wandering.
There’s nothing you could say or do to change that.
Just hope something good grows from the sand.

It’s so hard to let someone inside your chest.
Then I remember you, Then I remember you
Oh sometimes I feel I’m slipping back to nightmarish doom.
Then I remember you, Then I remember you.

Lifted to my health, I saw something I thought I’d tell you about.
It’s something I’m not sure I can explain well.
It’s subtle and a moment slowly built.

If you find that love man you’ve got to hold on with all your might.
You got to give it time to turn golden.
You got to let that pearl strengthen well.

Then I remember you. Then I remember you.

My fears they force me out
into the cold without a coat or hat
Then I remember you. Then I remember you.

I don’t wander aimless now
I’ve found my route without a doubt Because
because I have you.


from FAÇADES, released November 13, 2015



all rights reserved


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