The Pretty Girls

from by Peter J. Brant



She said to me
If you keep
on fallin
for the pretty girls

You’ll never fall for me
Trust me, that’s where you want to be

It’s plain as day
I’m yours / your mine in every way

But you must
Quit your fallIn’
for the pretty girls

They make you cry
They make you whine
They don’t notice you most of the time

But still you go out just to make eyes
and see what you might find

It’s such a foolish game
There’s nothing that’s precious
If nothing’s sustained so

Quit your fallin’
For the pretty girls

I’ve been “lookin” for something good
for a long long while
but “lookin”’s my problem
I need something new
not just in style

You’re not ugly as sin
Even if you were
You say things like

I was always fallin’ for the pretty girls
I couldn’t lift my spirits if they gave
me the whole wild world

But now I have my love
She holds me dear and that’s enough
Now pretty is pretty is pretty

But not as it once was.


from FAÇADES, released November 13, 2015



all rights reserved