Like Nothing's Ever Wrong

from by Peter J. Brant



How can I forgive myself for this mire of self doubt?
Like something’s always wrong
Like something’s always wrong

How did I convince myself that I could rise above.
Like nothing’s ever wrong?
Like nothing’s ever wrong?

I’ve been waiting for someone to confirm my life for me.
To ask me, “Hey, man is something wrong?”
“How can we fix what’s wrong?”

But who am I to think that I would be the first to live life
Without ever being wronged.
Without ever being wronged.

Maybe if I turned it sideways
Let the light catch it a different way
I could see the hope that was lying there all along.

Waking from my long deep death sleep
A birth upon a birth on repeat.
Never new, but always waking up.

Shuffling furniture around. Hoping that when I have found.
Some magic place for my mind.
Some magic place to unwind.

But I keep shuffling. Circling round. Hoping if I am found.
with all my ducks in a row.
That somebody will have to know.

“Lookee here, what we’ve found! This man has figured it out.
There’s never been one before.
What fools to have ignored!”

But oh my god, now I see. There’s noone else but me.
And nothing’s ever “wrong”
I’m not going to wait and see if someone figures out me.
Cause nothing’s ever wrong.
Just got to keep moving along.

Cause nothing’s ever wrong.
Just got to keep moving along.
And Nothing’s ever wrong.


from FAÇADES, released November 13, 2015



all rights reserved